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We are happy to present the second in a series of 10 to be released special session from our IIM SureShot batch 2018. Learn and grow!



  1. 1.Exporters are complaining due to failure of GSTN to deliver their Input tax credit ( as exports are zero rated), in many cases exporters have lost their working capital which is a disastrous situation for a country which is already struggling with job creation and economic growth.
    2.The hurry in which the government rolled out GST in July , 2017 it may not have given Infosys enough time to fix the problems associated with the software.
    3.Our export basket includes labour intensive sector like Apparels , Gems and jewellery etc. If exports get hit then surely it will have negative impact on job scenario. Also exports help us earn precious foreign currency which in turn help in financing our CAD.
    4. Wages are rising in China therefore it is losing the competitive advantage in labour intensive sectors , countries like Vietnam and Bangladesh are getting a large chunk of this lost Chinese export basket. We are not able to catch up due to outdated labour laws and headwinds like GST has made it difficult for our exporters to become part of global supply chain.

  2. 1. A person who has created the data should have full control on that data , he/she should alone decide what he/she wants to do with that data. Anonymity is an essential part of data privacy.
    2. Data privacy gives internet users the confidence which is necessary for them to express themselves. Without data privacy State may become Orwellian State .
    3. Ideal data privacy framework must have following canons :
    a. Individuals should control their data .
    b. Data residence should be made compulsary i.e data of Indians should reside in India only.
    c. Data portability should be allowed , this is help in creation of level playing field of new companies at the same time it will also enhance the availability of options for consumers .
    d. Data is the new oil , therefore as misuse oil degrades environment in the same manner misuse of data creates social tensions. Therefore data privacy should be first and foremost priority of our government because last thing the government want is social tensions.

  3. Gud morning Sir, I am a ca finalist and a law student too… i practice gst and income tax filing too…plus a technological enthusiast….
    my analysis of the failure of GSTN network lies in the fact that our laws in gst are too rigid and interconnected being a dual structure gst … so Infosys must have used non scalable rule based models to try to account for each and every legal process (which is literally not possible)…..rather than using machine learning and neural networks to facilitate proper data management which required years of testing and planned engineering…but since it was prepared in a couple of years 2-3 after the bid of the network was proposed, and the implementation was a hasty process, this collapse is no surprise… i doubt the hardware deployment is Indian too based on low quality or older processors and data centres which cannot scale itself up during times of excess traffic using machine learning and optimisation which crashed the e-way bill portal thrice…..

    the refund process has turned to the disgusting point where after filing for refund in excess balance of a mere 2000 rupees in cash ledger after 4 months in the GSTN for a client i was asked to go and submit these documents to the regional GST officer to get the amount in bank balance…. How is this a decentralised system??? i doubt are we kidding ourselves to be a technology giant !!!!

  4. This session is part of our IIM SureShot Series 2018. We conducted the series in Nov-2017 to Jan 2018 period. We will be releasing a few of those sessions here for everyone to benefit 🙂

  5. १ निजी जानकारी की सुरक्षा। जैसे, आधारक्रमंक, आर्थीक जानकारी, ई-मेलआयडी इ. इन सब की सुरक्षा

  6. २ आपकी नीजी जानकारी कीसी गलतहातो में पडजाय तो वो अपके लीए ही नहीं बलकी देश के लीए भी खतरा बन सकती है। जैसे, हाल-हीमें फेसबुक का डेटा लाकर कैंब्रिज एनालिटिका नामक कंपनी चुनाव जितवाने का प्रयास करते हुये सामने आया।इसी लीए नीजीजानकारी काे सुरक्षीत रखना जरूरी है।

  7. ३ आजका विज्ञान और तंञज्ञान इतना आगे जाचुका है की, इसकी मदत से आप और हम कीसी भी तरीकेका कार्य कर सकते है।
    इन सभ मेें आपनी निजी जानकारी सुरक्षीत रखना हो तो किसी सुरक्षीत तरीके का इस्तमाल कर सकते है। जैसे हालही में आधारकार्ड की सुरक्षा के लिए यू .आई.डी.ए.आई.(unique Identification Authority of India )ने सी.आय.डी.आर. सोपीगई है। इस संस्था ने आधार की जानकारी क्रिप्टोसिस्टम में बंद रखा है।
    आपका निजी डेटा अंतरजालसे जुडा हुवा ना हो। वो कीसी अलग भाषामे हो, जैसे कोई टेकनीकी भाषा में सुरक्षीत रखीजा सकती है।
    ४) हा आधार की प्रणाली सें मैं सहमत हु।
    आधार की जानकारियां सभालनेकी जिम्मेदारि CIDR संस्था पर है। इस संस्था से जुडी कोई भी जानकारी अंतरजाल से लिंक्ड नहीं। इसका कोड एन्क्रिप्टेड है इसको खोलना लगभग नामुमकिन है। इस कोड में पी.के.आय.-२०४८ और ए.ई.यस.-२५६ का इस्तेमाल हुवा है। इसी लिए मैं आधारकी प्रनालीसें सहमत हु क्युकि वो सुरक्षीत है।

  8. India has lost the market to Bangladesh in not just apparels and textile industry but in other labour intensive industries. The fish farming in Bangladesh is progressing, though as of now it caters to domestic needs, exports is on their agenda. I will venture into a less talked about industry, which is loosing significance as it contributes less in GDP and government, though promises no serious efforts on grounds have been taken. Sir, as delivered very impeccable lectures and covered agriculture in many sessions. 1. Tea and Coffee: India is a major tea producer, but due to strikes and trading disruptions in West Bengal last year we have lost significantly to Sri Lanka. The prices were very low Tea exchanges in Kolkata, Guwahati. In coffee, the Coorg, Shivamoga districts of Karnataka are major producers and exporters. However, due to cheap cultivation techniques used by Vietnam farmers and the low labour cost, Indian Coffee estates are loosing their markets to Vietnam. Also, the land leasing in Vietnam is cheap, it is an incentive to Indian farmers to go there and do it. There have been few cases where large Indian Coffee Estate owners have gone their and got better yields on their investment. Also, Vietnam doesn't do shed farming its more like large open fields. It is unsustainable few argue but as of now they are taking away our market. 2. Soybean: US, China are major producers. It is a very important crop. However, in 2001 US levied tariffs on Chinese soybean imports to protect its farmers. But then, Brazil has emerged as a major producer and even Argentina is doing great. So Indian Soybean, mostly produced in MP is loosing exports, even the little we had we are loosing it. Our oil companies due to the cheaper soybean in international market have often imported. As the arbitrage was benefiting them. 3. Livestock and Dairy: When Qatar was isolated by her neighbours for meeting their dairy needs they got cows flown in from Europe and US. It was a major boom for their dairy farmers as they got good returns. India looses out on such opportunities. Because, we don't have that kind of quality and standards. Governments around the globe be it Russia, Germany, US they have all focussed on these areas. Indian government all talks no action. Further more, cattle exports, chicken and fish are good businesses. We are capable of doing more of it. But we are not. Government is least interested. Brazil has earned a lot on cattle exports. 4. Sugarcane: Brazil, Brazil and Brazil. I need not say anymore. We are loosing out on a major ethanol production. 5. Consolidation in global seeds and fertilizers industry: The majors, Bayer and Monsanto are meeting. They have got green flags from EU Anti trust departments. You see where I am going with this. India is major market. These companies will have a dominant position and there's nothing we can do about it unless we have our great companies which we don't. 6. Agriculture Technology: In a discussion at Washington Economic Club, Netanyahu discussed the farm technology of Israel. We are nothing. We still irrigate our farms by flooding them. They use drones, data, etc to improve their farming. We are no where. Even on basic equipment's like seed drills, cultivators, plough, harvesters we don't have the technology which China, America and Europe has. We are replicating a lot of China's technology, you can visit towns near Ujjain, Ratlam and other major agriculture districts in India to see the evidence. But these technologies are obsolete but expensive in Indian Standards. The point being its outdated. No one is doing any thing about it. What can be done about it. There are a lot of problems in all industries. But Agriculture provides employment to many. Though disguise unemployment exists. Hardly anything is being done that front. I can't list many more problems and we all are aware of it. Though solutions are tough too. We need our companies and government to look in these individual issues seriously and facilitate the entrepreneurs and ann-datas of our nation produce quality and large quantity. We need to increase our exports. There are exotic vegetables being imported of five star hotels, we can produce them too but lack of technology, finance and government support is causing farmers distress. Sir has dealt with Agriculture in detail, MSP etc. Serious efforts from government is required. Agriculture can't succeed on its own. Governments around the globe subsidize it, support it financially and when they meets foreign leaders they make trade deals which enhances income for their farmers. Our government should do that too.

  9. Infosys (MSP) the major IT giant in India, it is the Managed Service Provider and works along with 34 other companies (GSPs) , known as GSTN Suvidha Provider and they are responsible for data collection from the consumers(tax payers) , and the complete system is managed by the MSP.


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