Question 48 is correct

SSC CGL 2018 Mains : 9th March 2018 : QUESTION PAPER

• A well-structured paper
• 6 wrongs answers (typo-graphic errors) wrong questions or wrong options
• 5 DI questions with full of calculations

• Apart from these 7+5=12 questions, 4 algebra questions were full of observations (you can solve within minute if you can get the values of x,y, or a and b but if you are not able to get the values – they are time consuming)
• Q. 27, 41, 43, 45 and 47 are calculative
• Q. 18, 29, 32 and 46 need concepts (good questions)
• Q 42 – Good example of Digital sum

SSC CGL 2018 Mains : 9th March 2018 : ANALYSIS
• With time pressure , exam pressure , 7 wrong questions and with the mind set (no to DI – since we observed the trend) , 5 calculative questions, 3 questions with concepts. (total 20 questions)
• I think 75-80 was a really good attempt with 95% accuracy – 150 is a good score.
• I think 130-150 is the average score by most of the people , but yes due to pressure even topper could score 100-110.
• If this is the only test then 137 should be cutoff for interview post, and 131 should be for non-interview.
• If any one is scoring more than 170 or 175 in this test then he has something extra (either god gift or question or support were gifted) – My suggestions SSC should do another enquiry if someone is getting more than 180 in this test.
My predictions
• The panelist (questions setters ) should noticed the pattern of answers
• So chances are – less calculative DI , cross check questions again before uploads and continue the same.

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  1. sir, please provide a video solution of tough questions of advance maths portion of ssc cgle mains 2017 question papers(daywise)… some concepts are so hard that we can't find them exactly on any good books which are available in the market.It will help us a lot… 🙂

  2. Question 61 also has no correct answer. Below is the solution

    R2 type of rice produced by state T = 625000*0.26*0.2*3/13 = 7500
    R1 type of rice produced by state R = 625000*0.38*0.6 = 142500
    B= 7500-142500 = -135000

    R3 type of rice produced by State H = 625000*0.68*0.4*11/17 = 110000
    R3 type of rice produced by State R = 625000*0.38*0.4*10/19 = 50000
    R3 type of rice produced by State S = 625000*0.48*0.4*5/8 = 75000
    R3 type of rice produced by State X = 625000*0.48*0.45*5/9 = 75000
    Average of R3 type of rice produced by States H,R,S,X = 77500
    A = 77500

    B-A = (-135000)-(77500) = -212500

  3. Amiya…..a great….man……paper King for mathematics…….any can understand his talent within seconds……I prefer studying from amiya sir rather Rakesh Yadav……by God grace I will give result….if continued with this wonderful man……a legend….but time doesn't keep everyone on it's surhead…… it's time for Rakesh and abhinay….but legend is not hidden…..he is bap for future students…..

  4. zero level analysis. 9 march aspirant was in advantage. they already know pattern and cutting question also not new for them as 17 feb aspirants wAS openor. 9th march aspirants awAre which type questions should leave or attempt and they get maximum time and you r explaining that they r pathetic…you don't know anything about ssc

  5. What about Question no. 33 from March 9 exam? It says that a point T is given on RS, but no figure or any explanation whatsoever is given to suggest, where that point is exactly located on the side RS.

    In such a condition, how it would be possible to solve the question is beyond my understanding. Bonus should be given for that as well.


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