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SSC Walk with Unacademy – Episode 1 with Abhinay Sharma.

The SSC CGL Exam is your chance to get a job in the bureaucracy of the country! In today’s conversation, we have Abhinay Sharma walking with Unacademy and sharing his important points on how to prepare for SSC CGL 2018 in changing scenarios. He talks about the need for speed in aspirants as SSC becomes more difficult each year. He also shares tips for aspirants and motivates each one to give their best and do well. Kickstart your preparation now with this must watch entertaining session.

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  1. Sir in classes you don't even teach in serious mood cracking jokes all the in your 2 hour class and in YouTube you try to be serious why you be that much ambiguous I am not criticising I have paid 8000 it goes all in vain but what about that hope, time sir nothing is good with you many are there who have 5 lakh subscribe but you are the only one who have that much proud in your 5 lakh suscribers…any ways I know this txt haven't make any effect and you should continue with your this type of negative attitude.
    Thanx for all


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