Super 30 Program (NIOS based XI & XII) with JEE and NEET Coaching – Conceptree Learning // 6univers - Videos


CONCEPTREE is an initiative by IIT Madras alumni with a mission to promote concept based learning targeting competitive exams.

From humble beginnings to a nationally reputed team
What started as an informal initiative to conduct workshops and seminars to promote awareness about IITs in 2007 has now grown into a team of 100+ IIT’ians dedicated in teaching JEE/NEET and Foundation Programs.

Focusing on concept based teaching approach
At CONCEPTREE our instructors use a scientific approach to teaching called “Concept Based Learning”. A strong understanding of concepts is important to perform well in any science subject or competitive exams. Our students learn specific concepts, strategies and then practice working out problems that relate to a particular concept or strategy. CONCEPT based teaching approach is by far most successful teaching methodology when it comes to academic excellence examinations coaching.

Embracing Technology for Inclusive Learning
Changing times have demonstrated successful use of technology tools in education. CONCEPTREE in 2016 has launched most innovative products C-Tab ( Unique content to augment interest among students of Foundation courses) along with CLA-app ( A free for all testing application). These tools coupled with the strength of our faculty knowledge and training methodology would take the growth wave at CONCEPTREE to further levels.



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