Super Trick for Substitution v/s Elimination in Organic -IITJEE|NEET concepts - Videos


This concept is explained concisely by IITian Faculty.

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  1. +AnyTimePadhaiAcademy
    Please Read This ?
    Respected sir,
    I am finding your videos extremely beneficial, they are concise and to the point and perfect in themselves. However I would like to give a small suggestion. Sir can u make a WhatsApp group, so that all of us JEE aspirants can share notes, worksheet, discuss questions and solutions and get benifit from it, as many of JEE toppers have said that discussions with peer groups and group study helped them very much in learning tricks, learning new things and getting a feel of competition. This will also make social media more productive.
    So sir i think you will look after this small suggestion and implement it ?. Waiting to hear from you ?.
    Thanking you,

  2. Sir, your video lectures are very beneficial to us especially during this phase of preparation. Sir can you please upload a video for chemistry in which u can cover a brief discussion for different topics and their weightage in JEE Main and sir can you please explain that in which topics we should be focusing more and the topics we can leave or is it necessary to do?

    It would be very good if you upload some physics topics like thermodynamics as for revision and also topics like waves on string etc.
    thank you sir.

  3. hello sir
    I have a doubt in, the last reaction of this video where we have taken 3° alkyl halide and ch3O- and we have E2 there but for elimination there should have been an alcoholic medium ?


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