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Tamilnadu State Round-1 Medical Counselling for Government Quota MBBS seats have just completed for the year 2018

Congradulations from NEETLab for those who got govt quota seats. I request you to comment your name, category, score along with your allotted college in this video, to let us know and celebrate your achievement.

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In this video, I am going to share the Round-1 Tamilnadu NEET cutoff results and discuss what other options students have who missed Govt quota MBBS Seats.

For Open Category, this year Round-1 cutoff is 430. The last year 2017 cutoff for OC category was 385. For BC it is 375, which is 60 marks higher than the last year cutoff. For MBC, the round-1 neet cutoff for this year 2018 is 327.

The least preferred government medical college in Tamilnadu this year is Pudukottai medical college for most of the reservation categories. Last year also, this medical college was the least preferred among the medical students during the Tamilnadu medical counselling.

Now lets see the options available for students who got less than cutoff marks. BC students who got NEET score greater than 340 may get a chance to get in tamilnadu round-2 counselling. Similarly for MBC, the score should be above 300 and for SC it should be above 230. The round-2 cutoff would not significantly reduce as in case of All India Quota counselling because students who got in state quota don’t vacate their seats.

What if your score is below this. You have two options. The first option is management quota. tuition fees for management quota is 12.5 lakhs/year, if you have applied for private colleges in Tamilnadu state counselling, then I would like to inform you that the counselling is expected to start by 16-July-2018 as per Tamilnadu Medical Counselling Committee notification. If you have not applied, then your option is to study medicine in foreign medical colleges. Tuition fees for good foreign college starts from Rs 4 lakhs/year.

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Medical council of India has allowed Indian students to study in more than 400 foreign medical colleges but your score should be above the qualifying marks which is 96.
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