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The Hindu News Analysis – Learn how to read the daily Hindu News Analysis by Jatin Verma. Learn about the current affairs for your IAS preparation from the Hindu Newspaper.
Current news from around India brought to you by Unacademy. Get insights on the Hindu Newspaper and latest news.

Fresh update on the current affairs for 6th December 2017.

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  1. Sir correction- office of AG , AAG is political post and chosen from private lawyers who are not barred from private practice while office of district attorney, DDA ,or ADA is class 1 regular employee of government of state and selected through similar exam like the judges of district courts. They are barred from private practice, hence cannot apply to be High court judges while private lawyers can. They represent state in criminal cases as public prosecutor and render legal advice while in departments. So your suggestion is incorrect. Inefficiency in state's criminal cases is due to lack of proper police investigation.
    A suggestion that can be added here is of Crpc section 25 (a) to do away with political appointment of AAG ,AG and let the Director Prosecution of the State to appoint them from the existing District Attorneys as it will help in increasing efficiency of justice without extra burden on state. Even Advocate on record is also from private lawyers. As far as free legal aid there are provisions where many private lawyers help the poor free of cost, but lack of awareness or lack of faith in competency is the cause that poor do not approach them


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