Tricks to remember motions of Indian Parliament {UPSC CSE/IAS, SSC CGL/CHSL, Bank (IBPS/SBI)} - Videos


You can watch the entire course here:-

Learn the most important and super-effective tricks to remember all motions of Indian Parliament, that too, in less than 10 minutes.

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  1. Hello Roman sir I have the following questions for you,

    1]I personally feel I am not an emotionally strong person as I take rejection/defeat very personally and it hampers my self-image how should I tackle this while preparing for UPSC ?

    2]My parents don't believe in me and won't invest any money on UPSC coaching and materials(even though I am from a well to do middle-class family).how should I tackle this/Convince them to believe in me?(I think family believing in yourself is equally important to stay motivated )

    3]My effective hours of study is quite low (2hrs)how can I improve this?I am already trying Pomodoro and various other techniques you have mentioned in your youtube videos.

    4]what would be a good optional subject to choose?should this be chosen based on your interest or educational background?

    5]I believe that UPSC is hard because it makes you go through the process(prelims+mains) of evolving into a better and mature person so that you can have a different mindset and approach than most of the mediocre people and be an awesome bureaucrat. Is my belief right or it's just the luck factor?

    6]do Reserved category people have an edge over general category aspirants?


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