Tughlaq Dynasty – Delhi sultanate | Medieval History For SSC, Railways, State-Level Exams - Videos


In this video, we will discuss the important points from Tughlaq Dynasty which are very important for Government Exams like SSC, Banking, Railways & State-Level Exams.

1. Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq
• Started Canal Irrigation
• Construction of Tughlaqabad fort.
2. Muhammad- Bin –Tighlaq
• Known as wisest fool
• First to participate in Hindu Festival
• Failure of Scheme –Transfer of capital, Token Currency, Taxation in Doab, Agriculture reforms.
• Amir-e-kohi
• Ibn Battuta
3. Firoz Shah Tughlaq
• Double coronation
• 4 taxes – Jajia, Jakaat, Kharaj, Khamz
• Longest Canal with maximum number of canal
• 1200 fruit gardens
• 600 cities like Firoz shah kotla, Hisar, Jaunpur etc.
• Diwan-i-Khirat
• Dar-ul-safa
4. Naseer-ud-din Mohammad Shah was the last emperor
5. Attack of Taimur

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