Untangled Solutions: Episode 6 – Aartee and UPSC Mains GS Paper 1 - Videos


Solving UPSC GS Paper 1 2018 Mock Paper Live – Technique and Analysis by Aartee Mishra.
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You can find the question paper here-
Untangled Solutions – Episode 6 – GS – Paper 1 Mock Test – https://goo.gl/rq7jnq

Surprise test at Unacademy – Live UPSC Mains GS Paper 1 Mock Test being solved – How many can you answer correctly?
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In this episode, we have one of our most loved educators – Aartee Mishra. She will solve the entire paper in one go – she will explain her approach while tackling the questions – from the easiest ones to the most tricky ones. Must watch for all UPSC CSE 2018 aspirants to learn the technique of clearing the Mains 2018 exam by understanding how to analyze the paper and frame your answers.

Learn how an expert derives the correct option, how you relate different topics to reach the correct answer and finally how to decide when you should leave a question. A must watch episode for all IAS 2018 aspirants.
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