UPSC 2019 Preparation – 14th July 2018 Daily Current Affairs for UPSC / IAS 2019 by Dr Gaurav Garg - Videos


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  2. (1) Goverment is not concern the state issue only focuse on national issue
    (2) We need to more number of VVPAT machine and this machine is use after five year
    (3) If one goverment select for the five year so may be violance of the democarcy
    (4) we could also ammedumant of the constitution
    (5) When the central goverment is lost his trust on parlament and goverment is break when how conduct the all the state election is also create the problem

  3. 6/11
    Simultaneous election disadvantages-
    1- It will reduce accountability of politicians.
    2- A single party may take benefit of winning both state and central level .
    3- People are not literate & aware enough to distinguish between national and local issues.
    4- It will hurt federal structure of our Constitution.

  4. since state parties and central parties perform different ..both may be good in their own areas.. however there is a mentality of giving votes to same party for center and state at the same time cz people often dnt bother of thinking so deep.. so in this way it may be unfair somehow

  5. disadvantages –
    1.create confusion among rural people . maximum chance are they will vote for the same party.
    2.if dissolution of lok sabha occurs in future the what about the states and if there will article-356 proclamed then ?
    3.impact fedral structure little bit, bcz most impostance would be given to center elaction.
    4.article 83(2) and 172 of indian constituyion said -LOk sabha and state legislature be in existance for 5 years from the date of 1st meeting unless dissolve earlier. this means constitution does not provide fix tenure and simultanous elaction are not possible without fixing tenure of one of them……

    plz give review on this sir ……..

  6. Advantage of simultaneously election-
    राजनीतिक स्थिरता
    चुनावी खर्च और अन्य संसाधनों की बचत
    प्रशासन को सुविधा
    आम जनजीवन में कम अवरोध
    भागीदारी बढ़ सकती है


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