UPSC 2019 Preparation – 4th June 2018 Daily Current Affairs for UPSC / IAS 2019 by Dr Gaurav Garg - Videos


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  2. Memu and demu bhi toh explain kar do..
    DEMU- Diesel Electric Multiple Unit
    MEMU- Mainline Electric multiple Unit.
    multiple-unit train consisting of self-propelled carriages, using electricity as the motive power. An EMU requires no separate locomotive, as electric traction motors are incorporated within one or a number of the carriages.

  3. fossil fuels are found in sedimentary rocks.this is becoz ,when animal die ….they are buried in sediments and after certain condition of temp. and press. they becomr sedimentary rocks (fossilization)

  4. चीन ने जिबुटी में अपना पहला मिलिट्री ओवरसीज बेस बनाया और दूसरा पाकिस्तान में बनाएगा।
    इसके अलावा चीन ने श्री लंका के हम्पनटोटा को भी 99 साल के लिए किराए पर लिया है।


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