UPSC Topper interview AIR 12 Ashima Mittal – Strategy, books, Mistake to avoid, Syllabus, Tips - Videos


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  2. Thank for your valuable guidance mem .
    But I belong from Gujrat
    English & maths both my week points please mem give a strategy about how to learn both subjects and clear basic concepts than I will attempt UPSC.i am waiting for your valuable advice mem.

  3. 1. Did you read Yojana Magazine? Is it really important or we can cover it from other sources?

    2. Do you think watching good debate shows is important for mains? Because debate shows help us to see both pros and cons of a topic.

    3. Is there any way to guess which part(s) of syllabus is most important for prelims or mains in any given year?

    Please reply.

  4. Thanks a lot dear mam
    I have a question for u that
    I am an Hindi medium student and I am starting my preparation last one month for ups 2018 and I covers the ncert roughly please tell me what I should do for current affairs now and also suggest a best Hindi newspaper
    Please reply only u not anybody else


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