[Webinar Recording] How To Build Your GRE vocabulary Effectively! - Videos


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About the Video:

Do you experience tip-of-the-tongue moments? Do you look at a word and think “I just read it. Why don’t I know this?”

Recalling thousands of words isn’t easy!

But worry not!

We have an upcoming webinar on “How to Build Your Vocabulary Effectively”, where you will learn powerful strategies from a GRE 336 scorer on how to make learning and recollecting GRE words simple.

In this webinar, our instructor Matoo Gupta will discuss:

1. Why GRE vocab is important
2. The most Incorrect ways we learn vocab & the flaws present in these techniques.
3. 3 specific techniques to improve vocab (mnemonics, roots, grouping)
4. 1 general (and better!) technique to do recall GRE words.

Session Details:
Date – 12th August 2018
Instructor – Matoo Gupta




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