We’re Glad the SC’s Walking the Talk and Just Dismissed a Suit Asking for ‘Husband’s Consent to Terminate a Pregnancy’The Ladies Finger - News


By Sharanya Gopinathan

Photo courtesy Charlotte Cooper via Flickr by CC 2.0

Back in June, while delivering a judgment on whether a 24-year-old woman could abort her 24-week-old foetus with grave cardiac complications, the Supreme Court orally observed that “a woman has a sacrosanct right to her bodily integrity and it’s her choice”.  Back then, we wondered if they were just saying it (since a judge’s oral remarks delivered while giving a judgment do not count as law or as part of the judgment) and we were asking whether we’d see them really walk the talk.

Today, we actually are seeing more encouraging reports that point in this direction. The SC just dismissed a civil appeal that sought to “recognise…

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