why I failed in UPSC exam? [ part -1] - Videos


the first reason was my background, i was an average student throughout my life.( it is good to be average sometime) this is first part of my failure story. due to limit of recording in Nikon DSLR, i could record 10 minutes video. I will discuss more things in part 2.



  1. I swear I havent watched any video with such patience.

    After reading the comments, i can say you are really connecting with people.
    Way to go sir.
    And dont lose hope. State PCS bhi hai.

    I had my tuition teacher in class 12th. He faced the same situation, but he later cleared MPPSC and is a DSP now.

  2. im saying this from my heart… success paake toh sb youtube pe post krdete hai apni strategy.. but sahi mayene me ur the true inspiration for many coz apne ye sikha dia ki galtiyo se seekhna zaruri hai…people who r motivated frm their childhood.. its not dat difficult for them to study hard but for those who r like u and got motivation little late in life to prepare for dis and tb bhi itna patience rkha and hard work kia.. baki we all know its not just our mehnag bt desting n luck.. u will achieve somethng big in life definetly.. thnx alot sir.. i can smhow co-relate my journey with u…??

  3. sir, you were done hard work in your past but not successful…..yes it matters but never loose hope ..because you have many options to do social service ….you can apply for HPSC or UPPCS or any…..
    You was not succeed to achieve your target but you are now a very goo and intelligent person ….compare than after 12th life……..you learn alot from your experience…and it is the best way to live life……try different service or join coaching institutes and guide other students……always be happy sir….never disappoint……"REAL MASTI AND STRUGGLING WALI LIFE APNE HI JIYA HAI"……


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