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These days the number of consultancies are growing higher and higher and the claims they are making get funnier and more hilarious! Choosing to study abroad is a decision that you need to take for yourself and is definitely not something you should leave for somebody else to decide for you.

Along with explaining all of the steps that you need to take for applying for a course in Germany, I also mentioned some other things that you can take care of, when you are making the right decision of applying to universities on your own.

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  1. You are doing great job bro and I'm feeling there are people who genuinely want to help others without seeking a penny. I hope ? I'll be doing the same to enlighten others one day. Anyways I'm bit confused in grammar could you help me out like suggesting any book or something else. Have a good time ?

  2. I am so happy that i subscribed you when your channel was young,it was worth it.That time i was doing my 12th (early 2017).I wanted to do my bachelor's in Germany as well in computer sciences but barriers were many,mostly the language so I have decided to do my master's there and now I am learning the language (I don't want to waste time learning only language for an year and studienkolleg was asking for b2 level as well.)I have joined Delhi University and doing my bachelor's in CS from here though it's a 3 year course I hope there is a work around.I loved this video coz I had a HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE with a consultancy ,they were also asking for a huge price and providing guaranteed admission,I was already suspicious as there were hardly any reviews and later found out a few consumer complaints and after an extensive research i was able to talk to someone who used the services of that consultancy and she hated it,she eventually ended up paying TWICE ,as they weren't ready to give her the acceptance letter ,and so and so.i took the step and wrote a 4-5 para review on Google reviews about how much tmkney that asked me and what they have done.RESULT was that I get a legal notice from them (defamation case) ,asked me to pay 25 LACKS,my boards exams were close and I get this semi heart attack,so basically they have no work and want to make money,I was forced to take down that review .Thankfully my dad knew all this cheap tricks people use and nothing happened after i took down my review .Unfortunately this is how it works in India ,MONEY RULES .HONESTLY when i saw you channel for first time there were only 2-3 videos and i was so damn jealous ,i wanted to do all this ,go to Germany and educate and help everyone about the same ,is so great now seeing you helping thousands of us .Great job man,if you ever run out of educated resources ,i am here to help ,i have a good amount of knowledge of tu9 universities and studienkolleg as well.Thanks for making this video and letting others know how their laziness can trap them so deep in some nonsense .

  3. Hi bharat I’m doing diploma in food technology and i wanted to do my bachelors in Germany but almost all courses are in german language. So my query was that does it affect my chances of getting a job.
    And my other question is what level i need to clear to be able to study food tech in german language without any difficulties

  4. Hello bharat your video are lot informative
    I have one problem I try to join your mechanical whatsapp group. But it is unable connect they said so I cannot join can solve this problem

  5. Hey! I got my admission letter from studienkolleg paderborn and i should be facing my visa interview in a month . But i dont have a goethe certificate but i have certificates from my language institute and my uni mentions that we should have a language instruction for 400-600 hours which i have, could you please tell me what to do now? Because i dont think that would be easy without a goethe certificate

  6. Ich möchte nur eine Zulassung für eine deutsche Universität haben, um nächsten Sommer zu beginnen. aber auf Universitätsgeländen sind die Eintritte schwierig, weil ich das Bestätigungsformular von einer deutschen Universität brauche, um mein Visum bei der Botschaft zu rechtfertigen. hilf mir bitte

  7. hello Baharat ! i've studied in Algeria 5 years( Master ) and i want to apply for some Master programs in germany, do universities take in consideration my entire 5 years rate (60%)? or just my graduation pourcentage (last year ) wich is 70%!
    .und danke <3

  8. If I am writing this, you must at least go through this once because if it wasn't necessary then I wouldn't write it.
    I am a mechanical engineer and have graduated in july 2016 from GTU. I wanted to apply for my master's degree in GERMANY, so I have googled it and found many consultancies in Ahmadabad. I visited almost everyone of them and decided to enrol at Rao overseas at last(September 2015, 10 months before my graduation). WHY? Because I have had an introductory meeting with their German department head, a lady,of course, who seemed to me quite knowledgeable in her field and had such convincing tactics and promised me to personally handle my case. I paid all the fees 35k+taxes in three instalments every next month.
    After my enrolment, I did not visit their office since I am not residing ahmedabad and also didn't call them since my IELTS and German language exams was still pending. What is more thoughtful is that they also did not even burden themselves to give a call to me too.
    As soon as I got my German language exam cleared, I call their office and requested to transfer my call to German department. The attendant replied in such a manner that I had to clarify that I am enrolled at their consultancy. Then she checked my name in the database and replied to me to wait for a call back from their side. So I hung up the call, waited for 2 working days. Still no response. I called them back afterwards, quite frustrated(just the beginning), the same scene was repeated with attendant that day too. So I talked some sense into her and then connect me with a lady who was handling my file. Not the lady I had met at enrolment, but some another one. Didn't know that I was enrolling for Germany and for Master's. Asked me to send some docs, that I did. Afterwards, no communications for 2 f*cking months. I tried to reach them, they made me wait for long hours,everyday. THE SAME F*CKING SCENARIO.
    Then I called them and hopefully got ears to be listened. Named SUNNY. Someone new. Informed me that now he's handling my file.
    EVEN IF THERE'S NO FILE(except a few academic docs) EXISTED, 3 CO-COORDINATORS HAD BEEN CHANGED! My God. How are they running their offices!
    So now that was just SUNNY and Me in my case. I thought everything will be nice and easy now. BUT NO. After all Sunny was also on of their dumb coordinators.
    Since I did a lot of research about Germany, i knew everything about it, but I decided to have some consultancy, just for the sake of FIRST-TIMER. Foolish ME.
    I,MYSELF, PREPARED SOP, MOTIVATION LETTER etc. all by myself, without any help from Rao.

    When the application period started, I mailed them every step of application quite earlier with very much in detail with the weblinks too.
    They did my 3 out of 3 application the wrong way. And in one case they tried to rob me with 60 dollars application fees saying it's mandatory. I ran some background checks and found out it as a fraud, in the name of application fee.
    As a human being, there's a limit to your frustration right? At last called them one last time to tell not to proceed with my application since your whole German department don't know shit about application process, at all.

    Conclusion : I doubt if the only German dept. is operating this way or the whole office. Don't go for big consultancy services since they don't CARE about your application. They have got 100s of students out of which 10 will get the admission ad they will print their poster with their photos. Go for a beginner kind of consultant. and also run some checks before applying.

    IF YOU HAVE DONE good research for Germany in Master's programs, the application process is different for each university and quite easy. you can do it yourself too.Everything is available on the web. Don't opt for any services the FRAUDSTERS like Rao are offering by showing you the charm and sweet talks.

    If you need any ADVICE (not consultancy) about GERMAN MASTER'S PROGRAMS, or want to know about this Rao scam
    call me on +91-8128312777
    The damn character limits 😉
    P.s : I have lost my 40k money and also 1 YEAR.

  9. Dear Bharat, I am following your statements on YouTube and like it very much. I am living in Ottensen I am German and married to my wonderful Indian wife,. I understand the situation of Indians being in Germany well. If Indians want to come to Germany they should follow the defined process as described by you – rather than making a deal with so called consultants You find these guys everywhere in India. Don't pay any money to them! You must follow the process as described in your Video. Any other payment is waste of Money!
    Please believe me – I wasted a lot of money this way.
    Otherwise I love India from the bottom of my heart And my wife as well.
    Namaste from Chris.


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