Wolf – Animating Procedural Run Cycle in 15 Minutes (3ds Max CAT) Part 1 - Videos


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Step-by-step tutorial of animating procedural Run Cycle game animation for a low-poly wolf 3D model, in Autodesk 3ds Max CAT (Character Animation Toolkit).
We will use just a single Motion Layer and explain different parameters CAT offers for procedural animation.

If you want to know more about CAT (Character Animation Toolkit) and why is it in my opinion better than regular max bones or biped, check out more videos on my channel.

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  1. Great content. Im curious how you would go about doing/combining a facial rig on a CAT rig? For procedural motion animation but with control over detailed facial features.

  2. Thank you, very interesting tutorial, i feel like animating some quadruped now. I d like to know about your way of blending a motion layer of the characther running with a standing layer the character doing something, and then back to run


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