Word Power Made Easy – [Personal Characteristics] for SSC | SBI PO | IBPS PO | UPSC | CAT | GMAT - Videos


In this video, I am presenting a very important book for vocabulary building i.e WORD POWER MADE EASY.In this video, you can learn all important roots meaning with examples.Practice these roots as much as you can to get a better result.

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  1. Thank you very much sir for completing the whole series. You are doing a great job. There are a few youtubers who completed any series.

  2. feedback
    honestly speaking sir
    atleast many types i opened book but i closed after 1page reading in last 2-3 years…but when u came in my life…sir u hv completed it in very simple manner….thanks sir g for reducing a heavy load …

  3. thank u sir mene apki sari vedio dekhi h or regi. me note bhi kiya h bahut help mili h sir apki bocab. ko vedio se ek bar fir se thank's
    sir aap comprehansion ke liye koi vedio banaiye passage me problem aati h understand karme .


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