Wrong questions in NEET 2018 | CBSE provide the BONUS MARKS?? - Videos


Neet was conducted successfully on 6th May 2018. But still, some students are confused about the wrong questions in the question paper. In this video, we have discussed the wrong questions which are challenged by the various coaching institutes. Check out the number of wrong questions in different sections and suggested answers to this questions in the comment section below.

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NEET 2018 Result will be declared on 5th June 2018.

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  1. Subject: Biology
    Code: PP
    Que no. :154
    Which of the following is not an autoimmune disease?
    Most of institutes giving Alzheimer's disease as an answer but it is also an autoimmune disease.
    (You can search it on Google)
    About this question ncert not contain any information so the only way to find out answer is other sources which suggests that Alzheimer's disease is also an autoimmune disease.
    So, none of the options is right , CBSE has to give bonus marks for this question also.

  2. subject:biology
    In india,the organisation responsible for assessing the safety of introducing genetically modified organisms for public use is
    (the correct option is-genetic engineering approval committee in ncert but in question it is given as genetic engineering appraisal committee)for this mistake will there be any bonus marks

  3. She is just fooling every1 for the views . You all are now 12th pass out students ..think urslf is there any scope of getting 10 bonus que. ..if it will happen the meaning of xm will be useless..you have to find out the most appropriate option and mark it as a correct one sometimea they knowingly put these question in xm paper just to kill ur time and to check ur brain whthr u r able to catch or not!!
    So have fun people..only 2 que at max would be awarded as bonus.
    Keep calm and be the doctor

  4. Q no 9 me 1 aur 3 to nhi hi hoga all form monobasic oxy acid Hof ,hocl ,hobr hoi exist krta h …. Aur Hof me flourine ka positive oxidation state h …..sare satatement shi h aur B's eska bonus hone ka chance h bki sb shi q hai


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