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5 pirates of different ages, on a treasure hunt, come across a small island, where they find a treasure box with 100 gold coins. On their ship, they decide to split the coins using this scheme: The oldest pirate proposes how to share the coins, and ALL pirates (including the oldest) vote for or against it. If 50% or more of the pirates vote for it, then the coins will be shared that way. But if the votes are less than 50%, the proposal will be rejected… and the pirate proposing the scheme will be thrown overboard ! again the process is repeated with the pirates that remain. All the 5 pirates are Intelligent, Greedy, Bloodthirsty, Rational and importantly… they all don’t wish to die. PUZZLE : What would be the best distribution by the Oldest Pirate ? The video explains the Puzzle’s solution and the Logic behind.
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