CAPF Topper interview AIR 89 Ansal Shrivastava – Strategy, books, Mistake to avoid, Syllabus, Tips - Videos


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  2. A lot of people were asking me about the strategy to prepare for paper 2, book list and interview transcript. Today I am writing about how I used to prepare for paper 2 , later on I shall also share the book list and interview transcript with answers…..
    As I had already told that for second paper focus on essay part as it carries 40 percent marks of the paper….
    An essay should be written in a flow , focus on the structure a bit, u can use quotation, read economic survey and budget which will give u good datas, which u can use in Ur answers. Try to touch different aspects and different the dimensions in Ur essay, u can always give a constructive criticism……
    For Argument for and against u are required to read a topic from both the dimensions, hence follow different sources in order to get complete view of any topic…..
    For report writing just focus on the structure and format…
    25 marks grammar is asked for which I would recommend u to solve previous year questions because same kind of questions are asked every year. Afterwards select the sections from which the questions are asked and prepare it from any of the grammar books u prefer like Oxford English grammar or wren and Martin book……
    Precise writing can be practiced from the newspaper itself , when u read a editorial try to summarise that editorial in 1/3rd in Ur own words and regular practice of that will be sufficient I guess……
    For comprehension part I would suggest you to solve few passages from the UPSC CSAT previous year papers…..
    This is how I prepared, u can always go for better sources and prepare well….Everyone has got different strategies but follow those which suits u the most…..
    Hope this will help you…
    All the best for Ur examination on 12th August….
    Good luck


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