GRE Postmortem – Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Miscellaneous Tips - Videos


Summary of Tips for GRE General (Computer based Test):

Verbal Reasoning:

Use Powerprep free tests, try timed practicing without using any breaks.

Buying the US$20 GRE verbal reasoning Ebook worked well for me.

Quantitative Reasoning:

Use Scratch paper often, in fact use it more than the calculator.

Do Powerprep tests under extra time constraints: no breaks.


1) Go to the toilet before your GRE test, even if you don’t feel it’s urgent.

2) If you have to go for a break mid test, ensure that you do everything u need during that break. Eg. if going toilet, do take a sip of water in case u feel thirsty later. Vice versa. Minimise ur coming in and going out of exam venue because security checks can lengthen the time consumed during break.

3) Maximise the time needed to rest. Computer GRE can take up to 4 hours. And by 2.5 hrs, your head might get heavy and u might even experience headaches and/or fatigue depending how well you’ve rested or your body can cope. Do maximise all breaks given during the test, even the time given to read instructions cna add up after awhile.

GRE General Test Vlog

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