NEET / AIIMS 2018 – Cytology Lecture – 8 (Plasmolemma Part – 1) 11th NCERT - Videos


1. Introduction of plasma-membrane
2. Membrane study techniques
3. Why is Plasma-Membrane essential for a cell?
4. Plasma-Membrane Composition & its variability
5. Working definition of Plasma-membrane
6. Plasma-Membrane functional importance
7. Histo-Compatibility & MHC



  1. sir are channel proteins and carrier proteins same ……………..actually i m confused in ncert line in (transport in plant chapter) ……..where they talked about aquaporins in facilitated diffusion…………

  2. sir muje test subscreptoin karana hai….abi tak maine nahi sucribe kiya hai.agar mai aabi subscri karunga to muje pishale test k rejult mile ga kya..matalab test dunga to ushaka rejult ayenga qya

  3. sir pls explain page 128 line 3 to 8 bcz here it is written that 1st cellular form of life dis not originate till about 2000mya but in question bank it is written 2000 kya and here biogenesis means life arose from non living molecule. ab nd we know that biogenesis means life originates from living molecules. pls explain it sir


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