Poornima’s confident communicator course –
I LOVE HER ACCENT!! Do you? She helped me a lot when we were preparing for our Demo Day at 500 startup, this is the final version of my speech –

If you are a foreigner and English is now your native language, you are just like me. I still don’t feel super confident while speaking English, I still forget words and feel shy about my accent. When I am nervous I can make horrible mistakes. But it’s OK as long as other people understand me. This year I will be working more on my language as I want to sound more American.

Sometimes I feel I might not be able to get rid of my accent at all, but in the end it’s just a matter of how much effort I dedicate to it. Having a channel in English definitely helps.

If you have the same problem as I do I would suggest recording yourself and listening to your speech (really embarrassing, I know haha). But practice is the only way. And definitely try Poornima’s course, I was lucky to have her as my mentor.

Poornima helped our startup move to the USA, here is another video with her (we are talking about getting funded by American investors)-

I have co-founded a company that helps you go on a study abroad trip:

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When I go on short trips I stay with locals (Airbnb) –

See how I scored 117 out of 120 on TOEFL:
part 1: Reading and Listening –
part 2: Speaking and Writing –

How I scored 700 on GMAT:

How I got full financial aid from top US universities:

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  1. I've noticed that accent doesn't really matter some months ago and it makes me feel so confident to speak English, it makes me feel so confident that I'm making daily videos speaking English hahaha

  2. Hi Marina! I am a 16 year old boy from the Netherlands??, and in about 1,5 years I will study at an university (I have 1 year left to choose). My study will either be a business or econom(etr)ics study(both taught in english), do you have any tips for me that will help to pick out the right study? Something like what kind of questions are helpful to ask the students and teachers. In the future I want to move to NY, San Francisco or Seattle to work in the finance or consultant industry, this might be of use for the tip!?

  3. "Stop worrying about your accent", сказала Марина с еле заметным акцентом и Пурнима, у которой акцента по американским меркам вообще нет (у журналистов топовых каналов иногда такой ужасный акцент бывает, что не понятно, то-ли это CNN, то-ли это региональный канал в какой-нибудь индийской провинции :)))
    У меня письменный английский – твёрдый эдванс, а говорю, будто полгода назад язык учить начал. Через три дня начинаю по работе заниматься cold calling'ом (на английском, естественно). То ещё шоу будет…
    Спасибо, Марина, за полезное видео!


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